artist statement

I work responsive and sensitive to my surroundings through interventions focusing on

energy and tension, which appears in the meeting between the site, the materials and

me. I see my work as a circulation, a constant moving vitality. The collection of the

traces from these interventions is both a map of memories, and shows of the prove of

my disposable movements and actions.


Exchange Student at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland Oregon,
4th September - 20th December 2018 

Turku University of Applied Sciences, Self Portrait & Contemporary Photography Course, 14th - 17th March 2017

Bachelor in Fine Art, Bergen Art Academy Institute for Contemporary Art
August 2016 - June 2019

Innovative Event Management Diploma,
23th January - 9th April 2016

Art Student at VERA School of Art and Design Copenhagen,
19th January - 18th December 2015

Internship at ArtRebels (SPACE10) Copenhagen,
1st January - 15th August 2014

Art Student at Krabbesholm Højskole Skive,
7th August - 17th December 2013

      STX, Bornholm Gymnasium,
2005 – 2008


“I accidentally say hi” Gallery Third Room, Portland Oregon 2018

       “Turku, Finland”, exhibition place Hjørnet, Copenhagen 2017

“Refleksion over de sidste par dage”, exhibition place in a Cold War Bunker, Copenhagen  2017

“Metal in balance”, Bokboden Skulpturpark, Bergen 2017

“Doggos making the world great again”, PVC Project room, Copenhagen 2017

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